Tropaeum, the Latin word for a monument erected to commemorate victory, has over time morphed into our modern word ‘trophy’. This idea and the statement of power implied by trophies is explored by seven Western Australian and one Victorian artist in this thought-provoking exhibition of sculptures.

Through a series of new works, the artists tackle the flamboyant declaration of supremacy implied
by these small domestic monuments, undercutting this grandeur with flashes of sly wit and kitsch.
Exhibiting Artists
Abdul-Rahman Abdullah (WA)
Casey Ayres (WA)
Paul Caporn (WA)
Stuart Elliott (WA)
Wanda Gillespie (VIC)
Therese Howard (WA)
Bruce Slatter (WA)
Joshua Webb (WA)
Curated by Abdul-Rahman Abdullah and Andrew Purvis
Tropaeum curators Abdul-Rahman Abdullah and Andrew Purvis lead a guided gallery tour. Plus hear the Tropaeum artists discuss their work.
Sunday 1 June, 2-4pm FREE