Image: Susanna Castleden, 1:1 Airplane Wing, 2015, 4.16 × 12.69m, rubbing on gesso on paper maps. Photo by Rebecca Mansell

Image: Olga Cironis, Mountain of Words, 2017, metal loom, table and chair, sensors, speakers and amp, human hair, natural fibre, performance. Photo by Rebecca Mansell

Image: Clyde McGill, Dolorosa, 2015, mixed media, performance, dimensions variable. Photo by Rebecca Mansell

Image: Andrew Sunley Smith, Carbon Supremacy, 2015–17, mixed media, dimensions variable. Photo by Rebecca Mansell

Image: Tanya Lee, Curtilage, 2016, 3 channel video, dimensions and duration variable. Photo by Rebecca Mansell

In a world full of movement the space between two points is constantly being traversed. SPAN brings together five WA artists whose work reaches out; transitioning across margins which are personal and global, political and geographical – between self and others, artist and viewer.

Includes works by:

  • Susanna Castleden
  • Olga Cironis
  • Tanya Lee
  • Clyde McGill
  • Andrew Sunley Smith

SPAN traverses the connection and disconnection of boundaries while mapping the passage of the journey.  A life-size print of a cruise ship gangway, a series of sculptured industrial engine parts, human hair weaved on a loom, neighbours grooming each other over the fence and a musical performance based on asylum seekers – the works in SPAN link personal body space, encroach on the neighbours, and consider decisions of travel and where and how we live.

Artist Performances

Olga Cironis: Mountain of Words
Every Wed–Sun | 8 Feb–26 Mar | 12–3pm | Hallway Gallery | Free
Olga Cironis has travelled across WA collecting human hair and the stories of its owners. She will weave in FAC’s gallery every Wednesday to Sunday throughout SPAN, crafting a 500m long hair ribbon on an amplified, ticking loom.

Clyde McGill: Dolorosa
Every Fri–Sun | 4 Feb–26 Mar | 12–12:30pm | Kathleen O’Connor & Collections Galleries | Free
Clyde McGill will recount the story of a displaced family and their journey towards asylum as the audience responds, plucking and playing the unusual instrument. Dolorosa sees amplified wires suspended throughout the gallery to create an interactive soundscape.

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Get a behind the scenes look at SPAN as FAC’s Curator walks you through the show.

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This exhibition is presented by FAC and Perth International Arts Festival.

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