Sensual Nature is a sensory immersion into work derived from natural forms. The exhibition includes sculptural, tactile and seductive work inspired by nature, bringing to the fore organic forms that lurk beneath the conscious mind, wrapped in suppressed desires and fears.

Sensual Nature brings together twelve artists whose work simultaneously seduces and refuses through materialism, drawing on our need for nature while nonetheless always aestheticising it.

Participating artists:

  • Tane Andrews (NSW)
  • Sarah Elson (WA)
  • Penny Evans (NSW)
  • Miik Green (WA)
  • Juz Kitson (NSW)
  • Lia McKnight (WA)
  • Andrew Nicholls (WA)
  • Julia Robinson (SA)
  • Nalda Searles (WA)
  • Holly Story (WA)
  • Heather B. Swann (ACT/TAS)
  • Angela Valamanesh (SA)

Sensual Nature is developed from an original idea by Lia McKnight and curated by Dr Ric Spencer.