Selfless is a Post-Rock Orchestra that unites an armada of Perth musicians on guitars, pianos, strings, drums, vocals and more. They will live score a video installation exhibited upon multiple surfaces in an intimate setting. Challenging conventions of traditional music and art in an immersive performance that breaks the fourth wall Great Barrier is a new work based around the plight of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Selfless features musicians from the Perth Symphony Orchestra and contemporary acts including Injured Ninja, Last Quokka, Mile End, Karnivool, Usurper of Modern Medicine, Weapon is Sound and many more, collaborating with video artists and documentary film-makers from around Australia.

In 2019, Selfless will be releasing a studio album version of Great Barrier. The first taste of this album Eden is Lost will be available exclusively at this show on a very limited pressing of thirty 7-inch vinyl issued by Fremantle label Stock Records. Each vinyl record will be be adorned in unique artwork designed by local artists – to be auctioned off on the night with proceeds donated to charity.

Part proceeds from tickets and records sold will be donated to Frontline Action Against Coal, a community led, non-violent direct action group on the front line of dangerous fossil fuel development and expansions and the Reef Restoration Foundation, an initiative based upon saving the Great Barrier Reef.

Selfless creates spaces in which hope and despair co-exist. Every performance by the orchestra will be a unique experience aimed to educate and encourage audiences to take constructive direct action for issues that truly matter.

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