Rebecca Baumann (WA) is an acclaimed interdisciplinary artist known for her distinctive use of colour, light and time. The expansive solo exhibition Manoeuvres brings new and recent works to FAC in an immersive, sensory experience.

In Manoeuvres, Baumann will construct a series of spatial interventions throughout FAC’s galleries. Utilising industrial billboards and information displays, the works reflect Baumann’s interest in the language of materials. Through the use of programming, Baumann will choreograph these objects to create a captivating and kaleidoscopic installation.

Baumann’s star has been rising steadily, Named one of five artists to watch in 2015 by Art Collector magazine, she is represented internationally and has a burgeoning reputation overseas with recent large-scale installations for 2015 Vivid Sydney and 2014 Art Basel Hong Kong. As a mid-career artist of national and international significance, FAC presents this shows at a critical point in Baumann’s career. 

Manoeuvres Logos