Featuring local, national and international artists who embrace the science fictional imagination, Other Suns focuses on the less familiar underbellies of science fiction: the hybrid, the noisy, the forbidden, and the vernacular. Artists explore the detritus of the future, the ecologies of other spaces, and the polymorphic technologies of tomorrow.

Other Suns probes the trajectory of science fiction from its counter culture New Wave outwards, moving in all directions simultaneously. The human imagination unveiled on digital screens, in junkyard sculptures, and at all points in between. From terraformed suburbs to ancient landscapes, the pleasures of the limitless flesh to alternative manifestations of space travel. The universe and dreams, dreams and desires, the surrealism of science fiction and minds unleashed: Other Suns engages with the individual imagination as the key element in the science fiction vision.

Under other suns new worlds form.

Other Suns Artists

Curated by: Erin Coates (FAC) & Jack Sargeant (Revelation Perth International Film Festival)

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Erin Coates was interviewed on the Inside the Gallery podcast. Listen to her conversation with presenter Tim Stackpool.

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Read the Other Suns floorsheet online or pick one up in the galleries.

Other Suns includes a series of film screenings as a part of Revelation Perth International Film Festival.


A limited edition publication was published which includes artworks, texts and a removable sticker. The book was locally printed on a risograph press.

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