Artists and resident tutors at Fremantle Arts Centre come together for FACulty; an exhibition celebrating the art behind the teachers.

A broad array of mediums will be on display from sculpture to oil painting, jewellery and print, with tutors old and new filling the recently rebranded Moores Building Art Space.

 Fremantle Arts Centre collaborates with over 45 tutors who contribute to its extensive learning program. FACulty brings together tutors from various disciplines, including Stewart Scambler, a revered ceramic artist with a prolific career, who has been imparting his knowledge at FAC since the early 1980s. His pieces will be displayed alongside the works of Bina Butcher, a printmaker who recently joined the tutor team and has been exhibited in the 46th FAC Print Award.

Also among the featured tutors is the award-winning artist Tania Ferrier, known for her multidisciplinary approach. Her work has graced the walls of the National Gallery of Australia, and she currently leads innovative Chaos to Control mark-making classes for both children and adults. Miles Carpenter joins the lineup, having taught oil and acrylic techniques at FAC for a decade. Sean Wain, who first exhibited at FAC in 1993 and has been instructing in drawing and watercolour since 1986, will also be showcased. Additionally, Melissa Ellero, a ceramist and clay-worker who recently relocated to Fremantle, draws boundless inspiration from the natural, unrefined beauty of Western Australia in her creations.

Fremantle Arts Centre is proud of its strong ties with the arts community, particularly those of the dedicated tutors who continue to generously share their skills, experiences, and creative spirit.


Angela Ferolla

Angela Ferolla is a Fremantle fashion stalwart. While juggling her vibrant fashion label Rocucu and teaching textiles to costume design students at WAAPA, the textiles artist has also completed both a BA and Advanced Diploma in Textile Arts and even fit in time to work with renowned Japanese designer Yoshiki Hishinuma as well as making costumes at for the West Australian Ballet. Angela is a warm, inspiring tutor with an enviable wealth of practical knowledge and skills that she is all too ready to share.

Bina Butcher

Bina Butcher’s practice aims to directly reflect the world around, both the natural and built environments. Her work explores seemingly unnoticed aspects of daily life and fleeting, ephemeral moments within the natural world. Primarily exploring printmaking, sculpture and installation; her process lead practice encourages interaction with instances commonly overlooked and allows for reflection and quiet engagement with spaces we interact with regularly.

Bina is a new addition to the FAC team starting up in term four with Intro to Printmaking, having recently exhibited as part of the Fremantle Print Award this year, as well as in 2016 and 2018.

Click here for Book Binding in a Day with Bina Butcher SAT 09 DEC

Claire Townsend

Claire Townsend is a jeweller and educator living in the Perth Hills. These works are exploring a new way to process, store and transform traumatic experiences. Using silversmithing and enamelling techniques to create a private yet beautiful “space” for change.

I have been teaching at FAC over many years, and love the students, staff and surrounds. I love being part of this creative community based arts program.

Dee Jaeger

Dee Jaeger has been a practicing ceramic artist and teacher for 30 years. She primarily creates medium to large scale figurative sculptural forms, employing various hand-building techniques. Dee has taught ceramic classes and workshops to adults and children since the late 1990’s. She has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions including MBAS and Fremantle Arts Centre.

Dee has a long association with the Fremantle Arts Centre, beginning with a studio residency in 1994, while studying a Visual Arts Degree at ECU. She regularly facilities adult and children’s ceramic classes throughout the Term and school holidays.

Click here for Clay Sculpture with Dee Jaeger 

Fiona Gavino

Fiona Gavino is an artist who works with a broad range of textiles, fibres and natural or found materials to create sculptural, woven artworks that are beautiful as well as environmentally sensitive. The artist holds a BA in Visual Art from Charles Darwin University and has exhibited at FORM, PICA and the Museum and Art Gallery NT.

I have been a tutor at FAC since 2008, which is pretty much the entire time since relocating from the Northern Territory. Tutoring has allowed me to maintain a focus on the creative throughout the challenges of raising a family and back then establishing yourself in a new city. Teaching and sharing skills as a basket maker is also something I believe is an important undertaking. During my workshops I let the participants know that ‘after the days out you may never look at a basket the same again’, while secretly hoping they become basket makers for the rest of their lives.

Greg Crowe

Greg Crowe has been a potter for nearly 50 years. He works in stoneware clay using gas and wood kilns and is interested in using local materials, clays for clay bodies, in slips and in glazes and also using local materials in glazes, particularly ash. Greg taught ceramics in TAFE for 28 years in Perth and Sydney.

I have had major exhibitions at FAC, I have work in Found (shop at FAC) and I teach pottery classes.

Click here for a Day on the Wheel with Greg Crowe

Joanne Bowman

Dancing between Dada, assemblage sculpture & mixed media, my sculptures evolve through a jigsaw technique, establishing a 3D form. Whilst classical drawing balances this practice with gestural mark making, teaching at Applecross, Gate, Visual Art Program consolidates my skill base, supported by establishing ArtBox WA, Art School at Willagee Community Centre.

My creative skills & teaching experience illuminated a path of working with children in the holiday programs at FAC, teaching classical drawing to young artists.

Jocelyn Gregson

Joss Gregson is a prominent WA artist and a popular tutor at Fremantle Arts Centre. Joss’ sensitive landscapes and sophisticated botanical work have been collected by Bankwest, Curtin University and Galerie Dusseldorf. Joss’s classes at Fremantle Arts Centre are a comprehensive introduction to painting methodology, understanding colour and enjoying the journey between a blank canvas and a finished work. The artist holds a BA, and two graduate diplomas in the fine arts.

I’m currently teaching at FAC, Travel Diary, Landscape and Open Studio.

Click here for Make a Large-Scale Painting in a Day with Joss Gregson SUN 26 NOV

Leslee Rowlands

After teaching in schools for many years since graduating from Curtin University in the 1980s, it has been very rewarding to teach adults the joys of painting at the Fremantle Arts Centre.

I have been documenting my approach to Fremantle every week on my way to class for several years. This process of capturing the light, the time of day and the distinct subject matter has led to a suite of more than 50 small paintings so far.

Melissa Ellero

Working in clay since my twenties connects me to the earth, to country. Inspired by the landscape, exploring the subtle evolution of form and rhythms of repetition. Combining wheel work, altered exploration and the process of handbuilding informs my direction and connection to my environment. Using natural and local materials in combination with a range of traditional firing techniques complete the process and evolution of my work and series.

Since I relocated part-time to Fremantle it has inspired a deeper connection to the vast beauty of the ocean, the rising and setting of the sun, the seasons, the coastal landscape and the coming together of diverse people “community” that is Fremantle.

Miles Carpenter

Miles Carpenter works predominantly in Oils, Acrylics and ceramic sculpture, enjoying the open ended exploration of one’s life journey. His passion for art is obvious in his works diversity and his dedication to it for over 30 years.

I love sharing my joy, and skills for creating art with my students. I have thoroughly enjoyed tutoring the FAC programs for almost 10 years.

Nathan Hoyle

Nathan Hoyle is visual artist based in Fremantle. His paintings explore the process of painting and mark-making. Each painting could be seen as a moment, a dream, something impermanent. His work is urgent and often reveals the techniques and materials used.

Leaning on my studio practice, I teach younger students about the possibilities of spray paint as an artists’ tool. I learn as much as I teach.

Nicole Kelly

Nicole has a love of all things refined and silver.

Her work is inspired by treasures that are found, the tiny collection of nature’s gems. Nicole enjoys finding the individual stories that these treasures create for the wearer and the connection between the piece and nature.

Click here for Keum Boo in a Day with Nicole Kelly SUN 19 NOV

Robyn Varpins

Robyn is a life-long artist, with a focus on sculpting the human experience in clay. She colours her pieces with stains and oil-paint to elaborate their story and express her affection.

Robyn is a long time tutor in clay sculpture and presently teaches “clay sculpture with a life model”.

Sally Bower

Sally Bower is a visual artist based in Walyalup/Fremantle, Western Australia. Known for her versatile design and art practice that champions creatures, objects of everyday utility and the romance of physical recreation.

I have visited Fremantle Arts Centre since I was little and my connection now includes that as an exhibiting artist, tutor and friendly face in the FOUND shop.

Sandra Black

Sandra Black has been a practicing ceramic artist for close to 50 years specializing in fine carved, pierced and decorated porcelain. Her works have been collected in major state, territories and regional galleries throughout Australia and overseas

My connection with FAC goes back to the days of Arts Access in 1977 as a travelling tutor to regional areas, Artist in residence at FAC 1985-87 and Ceramics tutor from 2003 to present.

Sean Wain

Sean has been making artwork since before graduating from Curtin University the early 80’s. These works explore the complexity of colour and the illusion of form through oil paint. It is rewarding to sometimes limit the scope of attention.

I first had a solo exhibition at the FAC in the early 90’s, I have found it so rewarding to now share art experiences in the various classes.

Stephanie Reisch

Stephanie Reisch is an interdisciplinary artist working across painting, drawing, sound and installation. Her practice is concerned with the unseen and unknown aspects of the natural world explored through the lens of prehistory, alongside meditations on absence, animism and comparative time scales connecting humans and the cosmos.

Stephanie has been teaching drawing and oil painting at FAC since 2020.

Stewart Scambler

Stewart Scambler, John Stringer Prize 2023 Winner, is one of WA’s most prolific and respected ceramic artists.

I have worked with clay for around 50 years. I use local clays, a woodfired and electric kiln to produce my work that is both domestic and sculptural in intent. I have been a ceramics tutor at the Fremantle Arts Centre since the 80’s, teaching in both the learning and arts access programs.

Tania Ferrier

Tania Ferrier is an award winning multidisciplinary artist whose work was exhibited in the National Gallery of Australia in 2021. Her exhibition BODY OF OPPORTUNITY opens 24/1/24 at Gallery Central, Perth.

Tania teaches adults and children’s classes called CHAOS TO CONTROL at Fremantle Art Centre in an innovative process finding images in a mark making process.

Tegan Jenkins

Tegan paints, draws, sculpts, sews, and makes things mostly inspired by the wild nature she grew up in, and seeks out as an adult, searching for and illuminating the wildness within us all.

Tegan facilitates playful art classes for kids at FAC to discover new ideas, skills & obsessions.

Vanessa Lombardo

Vanessa Lombardo is a visual artist working across drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed and digital media. Through her art making she investigates human interaction, adoration and decimation of indigenous fauna and flora.

Vanessa is motivated by working with artists and students of all ages, sharing skills and stories, she has recently joined the wonderful Fremantle Art Centre community.