Frans Bisschops is pleased to present Leisure: 25 pastel lite, chromatically charged scenes of leisure, love and longing (plus a few paintings of sharks) over four years in the making.

Like a beachball that’s been left in the sun, these paintings are a sunbleached ode to leisure and the promise of paradise.
A whimsical ode to summer in Western Australia and the changes in our surroundings, environment and psyche.

This is a collection of over 25 large-scale paintings that he has been working on since his last show at the Moore’s Building almost 4 years ago.


Originally from New Zealand, Frans has now lived in Western Australia for almost 30 years. In that time Frans has been a musician in one of Perth’s greatest bands (he thinks so anyway) and has completed a series of artworks every few years that he has exhibited. Outside of creating artwork Frans works in marketing as a graphic designer. Frans’ artwork and design can also be viewed at