Light Geist celebrates the enveloping and entrancing power of video projection with fiery landscapes, glowing vats of mist and intricate projection mapping. Featuring new commissions by four leading Australian artists, Light Geist challenges the notion that video projection is a flat cinematic experience and explores the potential interplay between surface and projected image.

Award-winning media artist Sohan Ariel Hayes (WA) and senior Martu artist Ngamaru Bidu (WA) will transform Bidu’s mesmerising paintings of the Martu’s fire burning regimes in the Western Desert into an absorbing three-dimensional painting. Her animated country will engulf viewers as it is projected onto the floor and walls of FAC’s Main Gallery, moving and blazing around them.

In Fremantle Arts Centre’s darkened hallway, artist Ella Barclay (NSW) will project onto vapour rising from suspended tanks. These mysterious, ghostly works speak of spectral encounters and point to the ethereal nature of digital data and the alchemic transformation of ideas into matter.

Perth-based musician and artist Sam Price, otherwise known as NAIK, will use projection to map the glowing, synaptic impulses of a human mind onto an intricate hexagonal structure, filling Gallery 3. Drawn from neurological data, Price’s installation wrestles with the formation of a collective memory in the digital age.

This show has been curated by FAC’s Special Projects Coordinator Erin Coates.

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