In celebration of IOTA21’s exhibition Curiosity & Rituals of the Everyday, FAC is inviting you to get crafty this Spring with Crafternoons, a fun afternoon of craft and conversation in FAC’s Inner Courtyard.

Designed to bring together practitioners, makers and the crafting community – with a special guest artist in attendance every week – Crafternoons is an opportunity to meet other crafters, share stories, and develop your projects surrounded by friends and fellow makers.

Whether you are a weaver, an embroiderer, a woodworker, or a knitter, bring your projects, your communities and crafting circles, and join us as we share and celebrate the everyday rituals of contemporary craft.

Friday 29 October: Deidre Robb

Deidre Robb pictured with artwork entitled 'Touching is Permitted'. Image courtesy the artist

Deidre Robb pictured with artwork entitled Touching is Permitted. Image courtesy the artist

Deidre Robb is a life-long maker and emerging artist. She is originally from New Zealand and has lived in Mandurah for the past eleven years. After qualifying as a librarian she then studied fashion and textiles, and her working life consists of a patchwork of roles across the literary and contemporary craft sectors. Her art and making is strongly influenced by her interest in historical textiles and love of op shopping. She mainly works with found and imperfect materials, and reinterprets traditional textile and needlework techniques in contemporary ways. Her artwork explores themes of identity, home and belonging, and the environmental issues impacting on the places we live.

‘Craft is the equivalent of my first language. I’ve had a go at giving up all sorts of things but would feel completely lost if I couldn’t make things.’

Follow Deidre on Instagram: @deidrerobbmakesthings