Image: 2015 FAC Print Award Winner Maria Madeira in front of work created with Victor de Sousa, Narelle Jubelin, Fiona Macdonald, Elastic / Borracha / Elastico (2012 Timor-Leste Mobile Residency Archive), 2014, offset lithograph, 135 x 275cm. Printed by Big Fag Press. Photography by Jessica Wyld

Image: Teelah George, Effect of Dose on Taste (New Phase), 2015, found vinyl banner, canvas, thread, 197 x 400 x 4cm. Photography by Christine Tomas

Image: Shay Colley, Figure 4: Umami Cult, 2015, digital print on woven rug, 152.4 x 127cm. Printer: CafePress. Photography by Christine Tomas

Image: FAC Print Award 2015. Photography by Christine Tomas

Image: Chris De Rosa, Sea Tree Rosso, 2015, digital inkjet, etching, pigment stains, reflective spray, 175 x 135cm. Photography by Christine Tomas

Image: Alessandra Rossi, You Are Crossing the Line, 2015, 3D printed figures, 12.5 x 55 x 120cm. Printer: Neoveo. Photography by Christine Tomas

The Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award supported by Little Creatures Brewing is Australia’s premier annual showcase of prints and artists’ books. Now in its 40th year, the Award and exhibition continue to present the best works from established, emerging and cross-disciplinary artists from across Australia.

2015 Exhibiting Artists
Alison Alder 
(NSW) | Raymond Arnold (TAS) | Nathan Beard (WA) | Emma Beer (ACT) | Tom Blake (WA) | Jess Boyce (WA) | Lyle Branson (WA) | Deidre Brollo (NSW) | Leah Bullen (NSW) | Jon Campbell (VIC) | Jillian Ciemitis (WA) | Shay Colley (WA) | Annette Cook (VIC) | Louise Daniels (NT) | Chris De Rosa (SA) | Victor de Sousa (TL), Narelle Jubelin (NSW), Fiona MacDonald (NSW) & Maria Madeira(TL) | Nathaniel Dolbel (WA) | David Egan (VIC) | David Frank (SA) | Virginia Fraser Elvis Richardson (VIC) | Teelah George (WA) | Kendal Heyes (NSW) | Deanna Hitti (VIC) | Emma Jolley (WA) | Joanna Kambourian (NSW) | Raelene Kerinauia (NT) | Nick Mahony (WA) | Neil Malone (VIC) | Clyde McGill (WA) | Gordon Monro (VIC) | Elizabeth Newman (VIC) | Laurie Nona (QLD) | Kathryn Orton (NSW) | Janet Parker-Smith (NSW) | Aaron Prior (WA) | Andrea Przygonski (SA) | Peter Ra (VIC) | Taryn Raffan (QLD) | Diego Ramirez (VIC) | Rammey Ramsey (WA) | Brian Robinson (QLD) | Alessandra Rossi (WA) | Rachel Salmon-Lomas (WA) | Rebecca Shanahan (NSW) | Senye Shen (VIC) | Dolly Snell (WA) | Valerie Sparks (VIC) | Sandra Starkey Simon (SA) | Colin Story (WA) | Jessica Tan (WA) | The Usual Collective (Safam A-Dir, Benjamin Ori, Georgette Gross) (NSW) | Elke Varga (VIC) | Lev Vykopal (WA) | Stephen Wickham (VIC)  Steve Wilson (SA) | Andrea Wood (WA) | Tiger Yaltangki (SA) | Hansdieter Zeh (WA)

2015 Judging Panel

  • Marian Crawford (VIC) Artist; Lecturer – Art, Design & Architecture, Monash University, Melbourne
  • Maurice O’Riordan (NT) Director, Northern Centre for Contemporary Art, Darwin
  • Gemma Weston (WA) Curator, Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, University of WA, Perth

First Prize with work acquired for the City of Fremantle Art Collection, WA’s largest municipal collection.

Second Prize

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