presenting a series of new works by emerging artist Darryl Dempster

A proud Noongar man, Darryl was born and raised in Kepa Kurl (Esperance), Western Australia and moved to Boorloo (Perth) in his earlyadulthood. Embarking on his creative exploration five years ago, Darryl uncovered his innate talent and passion for artmaking, using vibrant colours and energetic gestures to communicate his rich inner world.

Darryl is an artist living with limited verbal abilities and uses a combination of hand gestures and sounds to communicate. Painting helps Darryl to feel grounded and connected; it’s an activity that he looks forward to in his daily life. Employing a raw, uninhibited style, Darryl’s artworks blend explosive splashes of colour and gestural marks across many kinds of surfaces. Found objects, lamps, street signs, garments and paper bags become the blank canvases for Darryl’s unique perspective, sharing vivid narratives that blend his lived experience with cultural knowledge and stories.

“It’s like a dance, you know? I start with a blank canvas and let my emotions guide me. Sometimes I’ll see something—a superhero, a stop sign—and it sparks an idea. Then I just let my hands do the talking. I hope they see the beauty in everyday things. Life can be tough sometimes, but there’s always something to appreciate. I want my art to bring joy and hope to people, to remind them that there’s magic in the world if you just take the time to look.” Translated by Talei McKenzie, Rockybay team leader and carer for Darryl Dempster.

Taking its name from the artist’s iconic signature inscribed across several of the works, DooDoo is an invitation for audiences to immerse themselves in this rich landscape of mark making, colour, vision, and storytelling. Darryl Dempster’s art serves as a reminder of the universal language of creativity and the boundless expressive potential of the human spirit.