Special Treat, by Dionne Hooyberg, runs alongside Pliable Planes: Expanded Textiles & Fibre Practices, inviting the audience to become lost in colourful patterns and textures whilst considering the origin of the materials.

Named for the feeling you get when you see a piece of art you love, for Hooyberg, a ‘special treat’ is also the act of making, the act of finding, the lure of a shiny wrapper, a colourful speck in the sand, a glossy surface that hypnotises.

Special treats are everywhere if you look for them, small moments of joy when you need a distraction from everyday life. This begins on daily beach walks, sifting through sand, Hooyberg never fails to discover new trash, or in her case treasures, which can be reimagined into something fun. These collected materials are woven, wrapped, and glued during meditative crafting to form a bright collection of works. Special Treat is a showcase of Hooyberg’s extensive skills in ceramics, drawing, textiles, and maybe most importantly, collecting.

Within the coastal landscapes of Wardandi/Whadjuk Boodja (Bunbury), Dionne Hooyberg’s art practice is a manifestation of her connection to the beaches she walks along every day. “Special Treat” is a testament to Hooyberg’s artistic ethos, where every piece is a reflection of her passion for creation and an ode to the beauty found in the objects collected during her walks. Curated by Mariaan Pugh.

>> Audio: Special Treat spoken word reading by Dionne Hooyberg. Photograph: Dionne in studio, courtesy of the artist. Photographer: Mariaan Pugh.

Dionne Hooyberg is an artist and community arts worker currently living and working on Wardandi/Whadjuk boodja (Bunbury). Dionne is a graduate of Curtin University (Bachelor Fine Arts 2015, Hons 2016) and has exhibited with PICA, Geraldton & Bunbury Regional Art Galleries, Smart Casual & Cool Change Contemporary.

Mariaan Pugh is a textile artist and educator based in Boorloo. Drawn to vivid colour, playful motifs, and seducing tactile surfaces, Mariaan’s work subverts traditional textile techniques such as rug making, embroidery, and weaving. Mariaan holds a B.A in Textiles from Curtin University (2013) and an Advanced Diploma of Fashion & Textile Design from North Metropolitan TAFE (2016).