Image: Sally Bower, A Gift and a Shadow. Image courtesy the artist

A happy magpie dancing in a sprinkler, a ghost asking politely to be let in, finding a fortune in the street.

A Gift and a Shadow are two sides of the same coin, the choice and consequence, the path followed and the road less travelled and the use of an object and all the uses not yet imagined. Exploring the absurdity of life, and the magic in the everyday, Sally Bower presents a new body of work that extends an open invitation to interact, engage and play.

In A Gift and a Shadow, Sally’s unique visual language offers up both the questions and answers to scenarios the artist has observed and imagined. Working between playful, surreal and at times absurd, Sally transforms exhibition spaces with soft sculpture, drawing, painting and provocation.

Exhibition-come-agility-course, come-game show, A Gift and a Shadow encourages audiences to consider everyday encounters in a new light, and offers up inspiration to celebrate life’s more unexpected moments, creating space to consider alternate understandings and interpretations of the world around us.

Curated by Emma Buswell, Exhibitions and Engagement Coordinator