Image: Andrew Nicholls and Jingdezhen artisans, Untitled (Cobalt Skull #1), hand-painted cobalt on porcelain, dimensions variable. Cobalt painting by Yu Xuan, 2016. Photography by Bewley Shaylor

‘Chinoiserie’, the Western appropriation of Asian aesthetics, briefly represented the height of fashion for European aristocracy during the early eighteenth century, before falling out of favour and being variously characterised as effeminate, immoral and transgressive.

Today the style remains something of a guilty pleasure, via its undeniable aesthetic charm, but intensely problematic and kitsch appropriation of Asian culture.

Conceived and curated by Andrew Nicholls, A Gentle Misinterpretation: Australian Artists and Chinoiserie features new works by twelve Australian artists investigating this fascinating legacy.

A Gentle Misinterpretation will transform FAC’s gallery spaces into an opulent, sensual and comedic exploration of one of Western culture’s most fascinating aesthetic curiosities.



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