You don’t have to be good at art for art to be good for you

Echoes of New Year’s resolutions past – promises to ‘eat better’ or ‘save money’, have come back to haunt us as we settle back into the routines of post-festive life.

Looking for motivation? Learning a new skill or hobby can have profound benefits for both mental and physical health, with the rush of endorphins after creating your first painting or sculpture linked to reduced stress, pain and improved well-being.

Dr Christina Davies, Director of the Centre for Arts, Mental Health and Wellbeing WA from the University of Western Australia said while people were familiar with doctors suggesting sport and physical activity in a bid to improve mood, the same could be said about singing, painting and listening to music. “Artistic pursuits should be encouraged in a similar way to physical activity and sports.” She said “The arts could be stigmatised or that adults could feel self-conscious about picking up a paintbrush. But for those who do overcome their doubts, the benefits could be unending. You don’t have to be good at art for art to be good for you,” she said. “Two hours a week of singing your heart out or sculpting something can release so much pent-up frustration or anxiety.”

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Photography by Jess Wyld.