This exhibition aimed to change perceptions of landscape and country. It provided a fresh perspective on a theme that has always been at the forefront of the visual arts in Perth by acknowledging the resources-driven boom which the State experienced. The Yellow Vest Syndrome: recent west Australian art focused attention on a mindset that automatically equates economic development with progress, which arguably accompanied ‘the Boom’.

This title is derived from a persistent notion that if you are wearing a yellow work vest, you can get away with anything in Western Australia. The exhibition proposed that while many artists would distance themselves from this ‘gold rush’ mentality, they would not hesitate to don the vest, actual or metaphorical. They are always ready to exploit the cover afforded by its visibility when challenging prevailing ideas.

Daniel Bourke

Tim Burns

Jeremy Davis

Susanna Castleden

Erin Coates

Penny Coss

Annabel Dixon

George Egerton-Warburton

Sarah Elson

Tarryn Gill

Mike Gray

Caitlin Harrison

Bevan Honey

Milly Kelly

Gian Manik

Pilar Matar Dupont

Tom Muller

Mark Parfitt

Christopher Pease

Perdita Phillips

Lisa Purcell

pvi collective

Layli Rakhsha

Trevor Richards

Nalda Searles

Alex Spremberg

Aubrey Tigan

Brendan Van Hek