Watch this space! is an exhibition of 15 screenprints drawn from the Australian Centre for Concrete Art (AC4CA) print folios published in 2004 and 2011.

Each folio of prints displays a series of painted wall projects that span a decade of collaborative practice by AC4CA artists in Fremantle and Perth.

Watch this space! includes a new painted commission designed by AC4CA artists Trevor Richards and Alex Spremberg which encompasses all walls of the Collection Gallery.

This exhibition acknowledges the important contribution to AC4CA by senior Australian artist John Nixon (1949-2020).


  • Trevor Richards (WA)
  • Jurek Wybraniec (WA)
  • John Nixon (NSW)
  • Jan Van der Ploeg (NL)
  • Helen Smith (WA/NSW)
  • Alex Spremberg (WA)
  • Daniel Göttin (CH)
  • Julianne Clifford (WA)
  • David Tremlett (UK)

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The City of Fremantle Art Collection

The City of Fremantle Art Collection is grounded in the story of Fremantle, where artists have always chosen to work and live. It is the largest municipal collection in WA. Over five decades the collection has grown to over 1,500 pieces including paintings, sculpture, prints, photographs and WA ceramics. The majority of the artworks both reflect and reveal Fremantle life – its people, relationships, work, culture, politics, social rituals, conflict and leisure time.

You can view a selection of works from the City of Fremantle Art Collection via the Collections WA portal. This new resource connects the public with stories of WA’s unique environment, history, culture, and identity via the cultural, creative and natural material held in collections all over the state.

The City was one of ten organisations involved with the initial pilot and launch of Collections WA. More than 350 works from the City of Fremantle Art Collection are currently available to view online. More works will be added in the coming months.

City of Fremantle Art Collection