Wardarnji is a dynamic experience of Noongar dance and storytelling on our picturesque South Lawn.

Let the beauty of the oldest songs, dances and language in the world transport you to another place, as fires burn long into the evening and people come together to celebrate Indigenous Australian culture.

Over 100 dancers will perform traditional Noongar dances as well as original, contemporary pieces which take you to the heart of our rich cultural history. Dance groups involved include Middar, Wadumbah, Kwarbah Djookian, Kwobidak Yok Kenning, Mungart Yongah, Koolangkas Kreate, Djiripin Djindas and Bigirrda Dancers.

A highlight of this year’s Wardarnji will be the Story of the Wargyl who weaved through the land in the Dreamtime and created our waterways in Noongar country. The story will be narrated and performed by a giant Wargyl puppet.

Bring your picnic rugs and get in early for a good spot.