Vanila Netto creates photographic work triggered by found objects. A subtle reappraisal of their function, value and aesthetics is undertaken via a disarmingly simple process involving the reconfiguration of the readymade and the staged photograph. Vanila is drawn to the aesthetic edge and nobility of modest, underrated sources – rejected goods and non-celebrities.


Vanila has stated, Lately I have been working on short performative acts using video and photography …. Performance of simple acts that fail to fit in or do the expected thing. Treating a serious subject through actions verging on the ridiculous, insisting on the subject’s failure, displacing obvious notions of success, and promoting a subtler utopia through ritual, drama, minimalism and parody.


A graduate of the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Vanila is working towards many solo and group exhibitions in 2008. Vanila’s Fremantle exhibition is the first showing of her video work.