Image: Tyrown Waigana, Hongels. Image courtesy the artist

Enter the world of the Hongels, an other-worldly species on their ceremonial day of the RinDin Dai, which marks the beginning of a Hongel year, and occurs every third rotation of their home planet. On this day, the Hongels’ creator Vord emerges from the ether where it takes its rest. In a special ritual, each Hongel can exchange a gift with Vord to receive a solution to a problem, but these solutions often come in unexpected forms.

In this newly commissioned exhibition, Walyalup-based artist Tyrown Waigana explores sacrifice and reward, and notions of the unexpected, creating a world for the Hongels and their creator, Vord. As visitors to this world, we bear witness to rituals and ceremony never seen before, but we are also asked the same questions as the Hongels, what would we be willing to sacrifice to have a wish answered?

Featuring animation, painting and sculpture The RinDin Dai is Waigana’s first solo presentation at Fremantle Arts Centre, following his inclusion in group exhibitions at FAC including Hundreds & Thousands, A Forest of Hooks and Nails and Revealed: New and Emerging WA Aboriginal Artists.

Curated by Glenn Iseger-Pilkington