London artist Steven Dickie’s sculptural and other-worldly inventions, sound experiments, videos and performances look at the way we accumulate and process knowledge. Dickie’s past works have involved a retro-futuristic concoction of 88 radios that can be ‘played’ by a traditional keyboard (Everything reveals nothing), cacophonies of white noise (Age related hearing loss) and his recurring leitmotif – a dodecahedron that he sees as representing all knowledge.

Set amongst a, ‘2001 a Space Odyssey-esque’ installation in our main gallery, The Problems of Explaining a Thunk explores the limits of conventional knowledge through a series of video and installation works that look at our inability to express and explain thoughts.

The Problems of Explaining a Thunk has been developed through FAC’s Artist in Residence Program. Production began with a body of material shot predominantly in Yalgorup National Park, WA, with further material shot at Dungeness and London, UK.

The Problem of Explaining a Thunk in The West Australian