Highlighting the ways in which fashion and contemporary art feed off each other, Skin to Skin seeks to extend our understanding of the relationship between fashion and issues of identity, consumption and beauty.


Skin to Skin fosters appreciation of fashion as holding meaning beyond the aesthetic or marketable object. It includes seamless garments grown from micro-organisms, work that plays off architectural and sculptural references, and a live performance that repositions the male body as the central subject.


Contributors: Georgina Cresswell, Elizabeth Delfs, Anne Farren, Angela Ferrolla, Donna Franklin and Gary Cass, Davina Homer, Kirsten Hudson, Justine McKnight, Minaxi May, Megan Salmon, Louise Snook and the collective Poets of the Machine. Curated by Lia McKnight.


Supported by Designer Fashion Grants Program, Department of Culture and the Arts.