quiet moments showcases the work of some of the premier photographers from the UK, Europe and Australia. Poetic photography is distinctive for cutting juxtaposition and languid beauty, offering many possible meanings in stark contrast to the majority of advertising and online imagery saturating today’s media.

Curated by Susan Hill, the works presented feature strange scenes, peculiar figures and random objects from everyday life combined in unexpected ways. Rich in colour, hidden meaning and metaphor, viewers are invited to contemplate the images and project their own day dreams into the scenes.

quiet moments features the work of eight prominent national and international photographers including:

David Bate (UK)
Jane Burton (VIC)
Christophe Canato (WA)
Kate Hamilton (UK)
Estelle Hanania (France)
Susan Hill (WA)
Sascha Weidner (Germany)
Christopher Young (WA)

Susan Hill, artist, freelance curator and lecturer, holds a BA (Visual Arts) from the Canberra School of Art and an MA in Photographic Studies from the University of Westminster, England. She has curated exhibitions throughout the UK, Germany and Australia.

Workshop & Public Program
Artist talk with Susan Hill | Sat 6 June
Poetic Photography workshop | Sun 21 June