After a solid year trailblazing following the release of their first two singles, Pow! Negro bring their riotous live show to FAC to release their latest track Money for Portraits!

Pow! are a six piece merging elements of jazz, hip-hop and psych with an aggressive vocal style that falls somewhere between the energetic bounces of Zac de la Rocha and the funk-come-street verses of Mos Def.

Fresh off the back of a huge first year selling out headline shows across WA, winning the esteemed Big Splash 2016 and supporting acts such as Blackalicious, Remi, Koi Child and Sampa the Great, the group headed back to the studio to continue work on their forthcoming debut EP.

Money For Portraits showcases the group’s dynamic influences and styles, with an arrangement strong in funk and melody. The group teamed up with legendary mixing engineer David Kennedy, whose work on the latest critically acclaimed A Tribe Called Quest record (as well as Mos Def, Raekwon, Mary J Blige & others) was a huge influence on the sound and vibe of Pow.

The group will be joined by rapper Ziggy and beats wizard Henry Kissinger.