Creator of the much loved concrete couch in the grounds of FAC, renowned WA sculptor Peter Dailey presented an expansive exhibition of ten life-size figurative sculptures. Dailey’s ten human figures took residence in FAC’s main gallery which was darkened and specially-lit for this evocative exhibition.

In Apparition, Dailey’s figures existed in physical landscapes – both internal and external – contemplating the cultural, economic, political and environmental mechanisms they are a part of. Ultimately the work asked the pivotal question; what does it mean to be human?

For nearly three decades Dailey has played a significant role in Perth’s distinctive sculptural scene, exhibiting widely and creating a number of prominent public works. An artist, educator, curator and mentor, Dailey has participated in over 80 group exhibitions nationally and internationally including exhibitions in Hungary, Singapore and the Philippines. He was chosen by philanthropic group The Syndicate for this, their second project, which gave the artist a chance to work for two years on a commissioned series of works.

The Syndicate was a philanthropic model initiated by South West  WA collector Lloyd Horn where participating syndicate members commission an artist to make a body of work. This exhibition was accompanied by a substantial monograph celebrating the project and Dailey’s career.

The Syndicate II Catalogue

The Syndicate II Media Release