Mission Songs is a collection of Australian Indigenous folk songs performed from 1900 to 1999 on Christian missions, reserves and the fringes of towns where Aboriginal people were relocated. Jessie Lloyd has travelled far and wide across Australia collecting songs, largely hidden from the outside world, of rare and almost-forgotten stories, shedding light onto the history and experiences of Aboriginal people, their families and communities.

Although many of the songs detail painful experiences, Lloyd describes the music of Mission Songs as healing, loving and happy.

Jessie Lloyd, originally from the tropics of north Queensland and now based in Melbourne, is joined on stage by some of Australia’s best-loved singers, Emma Donovan, Deline Briscoe and Jessica Hitchcock.


“profoundly moving… the entire collection is sublime”
– Stephen Fitzpatrick, The Australian


“Islander rhythms, campfire country and defiant humour celebrate simple joys. Melancholy ballads chart a journey of blood, sweat and tears…”
– Chris Lambie, The Age

“Jessie Lloyd’s research to find these songs is a profoundly important contribution to our nation and music.” – Professor Marcia Langton, AM, Mission Songs Project advisor and contributor

“Mission Songs Project presents contemporary folk songs that continue the ancient song lines of this country. The songs speak of the daily lives of the First Peoples who were relocated from their traditional homelands….” – Archie Roach, AM, Mission Songs Project advisor and contributor

This event is part of the 2017 Fremantle Festival. View the full program at fremantlefestival.com.au.

Set Times

6:30pm Doors open
7:30pm Mission Songs