Drawing on natural phenomena and tricks of perception while engaging a keen sense of poetry, romance and adventure, NSW artist Michaela Gleave created the site-specific installation A Day is Longer Than a Year. The work, based on use of light “reflects on our shifting understanding of matter, time and space,” says Gleave.

Her works are often fleeting and have included an installation where the viewer steps into shimmering, star-like mist (Our Frozen Moment). Gleave is currently artist-in-residence with the CSIRO’s Astronomy and Space Science Division, and works across a range of media including installation, performance, photography and video. This project, based on her CSIRO residency marked Gleave’s first solo exhibition in WA. The artist has had residencies in Berlin, Iceland, and Central Australia. Michaela Gleave is represented by Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne.

A Day is Longer Than a Year Press Release

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