2011 marked the 20th anniversary and final year of the Mark Howlett Foundation (MHF), a subscriber-based philanthropic group which each year selected a mid-career artist to support.

MHF20, the group’s final exhibition, showcased twelve of its participant artists with new work specially commissioned for the celebration. Curated by Andrew Gaynor, MHF20 included painting, sculpture and ceramics.

MHF20 participant artists:

Penny Bovell
Mary Dudin
Susan Flavell
George Haynes
Giles Hohnen
Bevan Honey
Jeremy Kirwan-Ward
Theo Koning
Eveline Kotai
Jane Martin
Trevor Richards
Trevor Vickers

MHF has made a major contribution to the on-going sustainability of the arts community in WA. Whilst MHF20 marks the end of one era, this extensive exhibition was testimony to what may be accomplished by any community group when motivated by generosity, energy and vision.

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MHF20 The Sportsman’s Suite

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