For emerging WA artist Jacob Ogden Smith, pottery is a cultural phenomenon that has traditionally explained much about the society it was made in. However, today pottery has been usurped as a purveyor of historical record in favour of mass media and potters have become less a central tenet of artefact making and more reclusive in their activities. In Pottery Three Ways, this scenario was questioned with the work combining elements of utility, beauty and humour in the face of traditional pottery practices. His previous work (such as the pictured Hovea Pottery Ale which was shown at OK Gallery) has included Smith creating vessels to store his own home brew.

In Pottery Three Ways, various mediums and techniques were employed in an attempt to reconcile a mass media view of pottery with its once physical and functional form. Traditional ceramic techniques were be used alongside 3D computer modelling, digital printing and laser scanning to create a series of objects that shift and blend, combining and confusing processes and materials.

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