In celebration of IOTA21’s exhibition Curiosity & Rituals of the Everyday, FAC is inviting you to get crafty this Spring with Crafternoons, a fun afternoon of craft and conversation in FAC’s Inner Courtyard.

Designed to bring together practitioners, makers and the crafting community – with a special guest artist in attendance every week – Crafternoons is an opportunity to meet other crafters, share stories, and develop your projects surrounded by friends and fellow makers.

Whether you are a weaver, an embroiderer, a woodworker, or a knitter, bring your projects, your communities and crafting circles, and join us as we share and celebrate the everyday rituals of contemporary craft.

5 Nov: Margaret Ford, Contemporary Crochet

With a background in biological science and a long career in public administration, Margaret fully realised her love of textile art in her retirement, after many years of “playing” she had developed a substantial collection of learnt techniques.

She has participated in a number of exhibitions including Naturally, In-Tension, Mysterium and Memory & Commemoration; Dimensions and Seams and Layers; Hidden Revealed Transformed and Twentyone+.

Margaret’s practice is focused on the creation of three-dimensional crocheted work and stitched pieces.

Margaret is a member of the WA Fibre & Textile Association.