In celebration of IOTA21’s exhibition Curiosity & Rituals of the Everyday, FAC is inviting you to get crafty this Spring with Crafternoons, a fun afternoon of craft and conversation in FAC’s Inner Courtyard.

Designed to bring together practitioners, makers and the crafting community – with a special guest artist in attendance every week – Crafternoons is an opportunity to meet other crafters, share stories, and develop your projects surrounded by friends and fellow makers.

Whether you are a weaver, an embroiderer, a woodworker, or a knitter, bring your projects, your communities and crafting circles, and join us as we share and celebrate the everyday rituals of contemporary craft.

Fri 8 Oct: Sally Bower

Sally has worked as an artist for 10 years. Her work uses paper cut and collage techniques, soft sculpture, stitching and embroidery and printmaking.

In 2018 Sally’s work was featured in Fremantle Arts Centre exhibition Animaze.

She is inspired by humour, energy and movement. She has previously worked collaboratively with la Paleta, Many Peaks Assembly, Stackwood markets and workshops, Textiles with Ruby Talbot Dunn, appliqué on the back of jackets and caps around town.

See more of Sally’s work on Instagram.