From frozen spheres of marine rubbish to a performance art voyage in two tiny ancient boats – Horizon: Exploring the West Coast with The Clipperton Project promises to make you rethink WA’s coastline.

Inspired by international organisation The Clipperton Project, Fremantle Arts Centre will exhibit the work of 17 artists who have responded to the WA coastline, the horizon and ideas of exploration and adventure.

Their diverse works include a recharting of Austrian botanist Carl von Hügel’s whirlwind trip through WA in 1834 (Rebecca Mayo), the building of ancient coracle boats (Snapcat), an installation exploring caravanning grey nomads (Susanna Castleden), a large pasted map (Nien Schwarz), photography charting migration, identity and settlement (Sonal Kantaria) and majestic photographs of rubbish which has been frozen into balls and placed in-situ on WA’s southern beaches (Tim Pearn).

The Clipperton Project is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2010 in Scotland by Jon Bonfiglio, a former theatre director and poet, that combines exploration, adventure, seafaring and art to empower and socially activate citizens. The organisation’s maiden voyage involved sending a boat full of artists and scientists to the environmentally fragile Clipperton Island in the Pacific to create art and research. It is the spirit of this expedition that continues to inform and inspire projects like Horizon.

Artists Include:
Big Barge Arts Centre – Emma Washer (Cocos Islands)
Bruce Bradfield (WA)
Susanna Castleden (WA)
Dave Carson & Paul Houghton (WA)
Jo Darbyshire (WA)
Michele Elliot (NSW)
Teelah George (WA)
Sonal Kantaria (UK)
Rebecca Mayo (VIC)
Tim Pearn (WA)
Perdita Phillips (WA)
Shane Pickett (WA)
Snapcat – Renae Coles & Anna Dunnill (WA)
Vanessa Russ (WA)
Nien Schwarz (WA)

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