Fremantle Arts Centre presented a special exhibition, which told the story of Fremantle’s artists and their own personal collections.

A sprawling meditation on the multiplicity of our creative minds, Home Open: Fremantle Artists and their Collections reflected the diversity and energy of our artists and their surroundings.

Artists created environments that reflected who they are and what they make. With an eye for design and attention to detail, they collect furniture, art, objects and artifacts that inspire and motivate. Just as these collections tell the story of the artist, and provide clues as to their art practice and their lifestyle, each object has a tale of its own. How a painting, an item of furniture, or a collection of rocks came into someone’s life becomes as important as the object itself. Where did it come from, and why is it important?

A range of painters, sculptors, street artists, gallerists, printmakers, textile artists, photographers and more bring together their private memorabilia in a very personal exhibition at FAC. A generous exhibition, detailed installations reflected the distinctions between generations and artistic practices. From immaculate displays of perfectly restored furniture, to chaotic hangs with artwork piling the walls, floors and ceilings, these rich and textured displays invited audiences into the homes of the artists who have made Fremantle what it is today.

Featuring the Collections of: Michelle Sharpe and Jurek Wybraniec; Nien Schwarz; Pam and Tony Jones; Paul Uhlmann; Penny Bovell; Perdita Phillips; Pippin Drysdale; Richard Gunning; Ruth and Trevor Vickers Susanna Castleden and Bevan Honey Tanya Schultz Theo Koning Therese Howard; Trevor Richards; Twenty Eleven; Amanda McHenry; André Lipscombe; Annette Seeman and John Teschendorff; Brian McKay; Christine Gosfield; Evelyn Kotai and Giles Hohnen; Gisela Züchner-Mogall; Harry Hummerston; Holly Story; Jane Martin and George Haynes; Jánis Nedéla; Joss Gregson; Koral and Stripe; Max Pam; and Megan Salmon.

Home Open Catalogue

Home Open Media Release