Interdisciplinary collective Hold Your Horses (HYH) have created new video work to be shown on the big screen at FAC. Working with WA composer Tim Cunniffe the anticipated The Soloists (a case study) is a ‘choral’ adaptation of Freud’s famous case study ‘Dora’, in which Dora’s loss of voice is diagnosed as hysteria due to sexual jealousy and repression. The testimonies of the characters compete within a sound world made entirely of human voices.


HYH is a collaborative theatrical project initiated by WA artists Tarryn Gill, Pilar Mata Dupont and Thea Costantino. Gill and Mata Dupont were in the last Sydney Biennale and recently won the prestigious Basil Sellers Art Prize. Thea Constantino’s exhibition A Diseased Estate gained significant critical notice. Past productions by HYH include the critically acclaimed Heart of Gold at PICA in 2009.