Our exhibition program is currently impacted by our Roof Restoration Project. This has required a reconfiguration of our exhibitions which is currently underway. Consequently, some spaces are currently not accessible to the public, including our Hidden Country activity space. We’re hoping to reopen unaffected gallery spaces in their new configuration week commencing Monday 19 June. Hidden Country will be allocated a new home at this time. We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.


Across the vast and seemingly lifeless Western Australian desert all the way through to the swamplands and river waterways of Boorloo, there exists a hidden world beneath the surface. A vast network of subterranean waterways, called aquifers, supports a diverse ecosystem of plants and animals.

Beneath the surface of dry sand and parched land a million different things are happening at once. Underground rivers and waterways teem with life; blind cave fish, shrimp, and other creatures that have lost their sight through evolution thrive in these aquatic environments, relying on their other senses to navigate and find food. On the surface live animals and plants which have evolved over millennia to blend and hide in plain sight.

Hidden Country is a space for you to learn about the animals and plants that have inspired many of the works in the Revealed and Kurunpa Kunpu | Strong Spirit exhibitions. Explore, find, create, learn and listen to the sounds of country and make your very own secret creature or plant to stay amongst the installation long after your visit!