Gifted is an exhibition which recognises a generous donation by longstanding Fremantle resident and art collector Mary Harrison Hill, who gifted 17 artworks to the City of Fremantle Art Collection in 2016. The gift of prints and paintings by senior WA and Fremantle-based artists was presented to the City in recognition of her husband Chris Hill, who died suddenly in 2014.

Mary and Chris Hill developed a substantial collection of WA art over 35 years, with particular focus upon Fremantle-based artists, with many notable examples acquired through FAC’s exhibition program. Chris Hill was a significant advocate and supporter of contemporary WA and Balinese artists. He was involved with the Mark Howlett Foundation and The Australian Centre for Concrete Art and played a major role in developing FAC exhibitions Home Open (2011) and Bali – Return Economy (2014).

This consequential and timely donation makes a lasting contribution to the City of Fremantle Art Collection, building upon the representation of WA printmakers and prominent Fremantle artists who enjoy a strong association with Fremantle’s cultural history.

The City of Fremantle Art Collection has benefited substantially from gifts and donations of artworks since its inception and continues to receive significant artworks through the Commonwealth Cultural Gifts Scheme, which provides a tax deduction to the donor.

The City of Fremantle Art Collection, established in 1958, is the largest municipal collection in WA with over 1,400 works. The Collection’s focus on Fremantle artists and Australian prints celebrates the enduring importance of the visual arts to Fremantle.