Gemma O’Brien (NSW) is an acclaimed designer and artist specialising in hand-lettering, typography and illustration. Over the past four years her lettering work clients have included Woolworths, The New York Times, Vodafone, SBS, Smirnoff, Canon and Taronga Zoo.

Exploring the performative nature of the written word, O’Brien wrote directly onto the surfaces of the gallery walls to explore how the physicality of lettering itself can transform the meaning and experience of the words.

As the handwritten word becomes increasingly sparse in the digital age, the craft of lettering is deviating away from the traditional context of graphic design and into an art form in itself. O’Brien’s installation will immerse the viewer in the beauty of this skillful, intricate artform.

Better Left Unsaid in We Love Perth

Better Left Unsaid in Aus Infront

Better Left Unsaid in Luke Sweet

Better Left Unsaid Media Release