FotoFreo was a month long biennial festival of photography that showcased the work of Australian photographers alongside leading photographers from Asia, Europe and North America.

The Portrait: Contemporary Indian Photography
Group Exhibition

There is an intimacy about portraits that speaks of individuals but yet they can encompass a larger view of India and Indians.
– Curator Devika Daulet-Singh

Portrait of India examined the nature of current Indian photography through the eyes of six contemporary portrait photographers. Curated by Devika Daulet- Singh (India).

The exhibition included the work of established Indian photographers Anup Mathew Thomas, Dileep Prakash, Gauri Gill, Ketaki Sheth, Vidura Jang Bahadur and Bharat Sikka.

This exhibition compliments My India: Raghu Rai, showing at the WA Maritime Museum. The audio visual projection of young and emerging Indian photographers curated by Sohrab Hura were shown at the Festival opening at FAC.

Murray Fredericks (NSW)

Salt is an ongoing series of photographs that encompass the vast and seemingly empty space of Lake Eyre in South Australia. Lake Eyre is a landscape devoid of features – extending out in every direction with its perfectly flat surface and razor sharp horizon. The series commenced in 2003. This exhibition challenges the idea of an Australian landscape.

Fair Game
Eric Bridgeman (QLD)

The exhibition ‘Fair Game’ surveyed Bridgeman’s photographic and video practice from the beginning of his professional career in 2008 to the present. Photographic portraiture and performance-for-video have been the primary areas of focus in his short career, although throughout the years he has also developed and produced works in the fields of live performance, sculpture, installation and painting.

Bridgeman’s Australian and Papua New Guinean heritage has been a constant driving force behind his practice; two nations of extreme difference that have motivated his interests in social and cultural critique. The title ‘Fair Game’ has been chosen to summarise his practice to date, using satire and humour as a way of responding to real and experienced scenarios of hyper tension, predominantly in matters of race, sexuality, cultural performance and representation.

Richard and Famous
Richard Simpkin (NSW)

Richard Simpkin started his Richard and Famous project in 1989 when he was just 15, for 23 consecutive years he has documented his life in photos, and that in itself is impressive but then you add the celebrity aspect to it and the project evolves into a unique piece of art. It is still ‘a work in progress’.

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