Fiona Gavino (WA) uses basket weaving techniques to create sculptural installations in Bahalana: Journey of an Empty Cup. The large-scale forms are woven by the artist from fibres commonly found in the Philippines, using traditional Filipino techniques of twining, plaiting and rattan furniture making.

Exploring post-colonial identity is at the heart of Gavino’s practice. Embarking on an Asialink Residency in Manila in 2014, Gavino was intrigued to see how identity in the Philippines had evolved after more than 300 years of colonial occupation by Spain and later the United States.

By engaging with the country’s material cultural traditions of basket weaving, Gavino discovered a universal language, connecting with locals through her work.

The exhibition also features a video work made in collaboration with BM Lab, Manila, in which the artist traces the roots of her own ancestry.

These works were first exhibited at Pan Project Space run by 98B COLLABoratory, an artist-run-initiative in Manila.