Kids and adults, unleash your inner super powers!

Every Day Super Hero is looking for recruits! This hopeful and thought-provoking art and play experience for adults and children will transform participants into powerful super citizens, ready to tackle world problems we face every day.

Using creativity, play and the humble glue gun, this fun and energetic workshop teams adults with children, working together to unleash their inner superhero and complete a series of secret missions.

Every Day Super Hero is the creation of WA artists Alex Desebrock and Tanya Lee.

For adults and children strictly aged 7 to 12.

“When you work with someone completely new you can share your differences to solve problems in a new way.”  – Felix, Sporty Super Hero

Clever, thought-provoking and just good fun! With the imagination of our children at the helm, no world-problem is too big to solve.” – Rose, Super Hero Parent


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Adult: $15
Adult + Child: $30
Adult + 2 Children: $45

Every Day Super Hero requires equal numbers of adults and child participants. If you have more children to bring, your first mission is to recruit more adults!

Want to know more? We caught up with Alex & Tanya to find out what’s in store at FAC HQ

Tell us about Every Day Super Hero – what is it?

It’s an antidote to the overwhelm of world problems.
It’s a place where adults and children are equally important.
A chance to play, create, collaborate & do.
A world of hope and bedazzled recycled materials.

This show is a 90 min experience that transforms adults and children into Every Day Super Heroes.  We believe that adults and children have inner powers that can help save the world in small and big ways.

Adults select a world problem to work on, and children an inner power. We then step our “recruits” through a series of training stages that prepare them for Every Day Super Hero transformation. And when we say “training stages” they’re not hard or scary – they’re playful games.

Eventually, everyone completes some real world missions around Fremantle Arts Centre. These are small actions that make the world better. From hugging a tree, to learning a new Noongar word, to calling the Mayor and telling him what they’d like to see change.

We made Every Day Super Hero because we wanted to make something important, positive and fun for children. We think this work does this, and that adults have an equally rich time.

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Every Day Super Hero was developed with support from Barking Gecko Theatre