For millennia, people have looked up to the stars and dreamed. Across this land and around the world the night sky has been a source of inspiration, of soul searching, charting journeys and forging identities. From star charts, astrology, fortunes and zodiacs through to Nyoongar creation narratives, the night sky is a whole other world of mystery and magic; ripe for sharing, recording and telling stories and dreaming deepest wishes.

The artists in Other Horizons make work about navigation, journey, magic and ritual. One way people have navigated our world is by charting paths using the stars and the night sky.

In the Djakal-Ngakal Hall, you will find Djinda Waangkiny, a zone where you can make your own constellations to an ever-expanding universe. Djinda Waangkiny is an opening in space and time for you to write a wish, a dream or a memory and learn more about the great expanse above us and our connection to it.

What would your wish be?

Djinda Waangkiny has been developed alongside Other Horizons, and is presented in association with Perth Festival.