Didactic Tools features five artists responding to the current explosion of instructional and educational culture, from YouTube tutorials and TEDx to the proliferation of data visualization, analytics, digital whistleblowing and new political movements.

The multidisciplinary ensemble bring together performance, visual art, sound and media works with biological science and architectural practice. Through collective research, sharing tools and conducting experiments in peer-to-peer education, the artists have drawn lines between the vast sub-cultures in which digital teaching and learning now thrive.

Didactic Tools presents five artists embracing the challenge of work with knowledge in art, each considering how the transference of the work’s ‘source code’ – its information, intention, meaning or provocation – might resonate with its evocative qualities.

This project has been convened by Perth-based company Hydra Poesis and features new work by artists:

  • Kynan Tan (WA/NSW)
  • Sam Fox (WA)
  • Tarsh Bates (WA)
  • Keg de Souza (NSW) and
  • Jake Oorloff (Sri Lanka).