David Attwood and Jurek Wybraniec will create, with some help from their friends, an Emu Export wizard stick that will snake throughout the entire gallery space. Green & Gold is both a monument and a protest – a reflection on an outdated, outmoded icon and a refusal to let go.
The wizard stick is a drinking game, where upon finishing your beer you tape it to the bottom of your next beer. The recent events around Emu Export and its shift from a WA brewed beer and an icon of WA, to a beer now brewed in South Australia is used in Green & Gold as an analogy to address ideas of shifting identities.
As a form, the wizard stick resonates with ideas around masculinity, the phallic and bogan culture; the bigger the stick the bigger the myth, hero, hangover and tragedy. Using Tom Marioni’s work The act of drinking beer with friends is the highest form of art as a departure point, this unsusual sculpture is sure to provoke plenty of bar-room conversation.