Join FAC Curator Glenn Iseger-Pilkington for a tour of the three exhibitions that comprise Other Horizons, presented in association with Perth Festival.

Journeys under a shared sky to the continent we now call Australia, revealing the terror of slavery, and early migration histories are offered alongside cinematic depictions of contemporary First Nations ritual, spirituality and power in Other Horizons.

Celebrating the works of First Nations women and women of colour, Other Horizons is comprised of three independent artist projects from Atong Atem, Hayley Millar Baker and Jasmine Togo-Brisby. It offers consideration and nuance to discussions around sovereignty, the colonial adventure, migration, national identity and belonging in contemporary Australia.

Other Horizons is comprised of the following exhibitions:

  • Banksia | Atong Atem
  • Nyctinasty | Hayley Millar Baker
  • Abyss | Jasmine Togo- Brisby


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