Come Hither Noise presents a broad range of contemporary approaches to sound.

Works were selected with a view to heightening listeners’ perception of the relationship between the aural, visual and spatial attributes of the works. The exhibition aimed to investigate how the artists had deployed not only the aural but also the visual elements of their work to foster closer listening, however, none of the works chosen minimised visual experience in order to achieve this. While all chosen works have an audible aspect, it was not deemed essential that works in the exhibition make a noise.

Come Hither Noise recognised the increasing number of visual artists who incorporate sound into their practices. Engaging with sound does not necessarily require extracting it from their other pursuits. For these artists and their audiences, sensory distinctions in the arts are seen as increasingly arbitrary due to the multi-disciplinary direction which contemporary art is taking.

Come Hither Noise was presented as part of the 9th Totally Huge New Festival in association with Tura New Music, 10-20 September 2009.


Exhibited Artists:

Mark Brown

John Conomos

Richard Crow

Ross Manning

Thomas Meadowcroft

Elvis Richardson

Sam Smith

Sriwhana Spong