Join the In Cahoots artists and curator Erin Coates for a tour of the exhibition. They will give firsthand insights into the collaborations, residencies and resulting works.

Tour 1 | Sat 25 Nov | 10am—12pm | Free

Tony Albert (QLD/NSW) with Warakurna Artists (WA): Eunice Porter, Judith Chambers and  Katherine Shepherd

Louise Haselton (SA)

Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro (NSW) with Martumili Artists (WA): Thelma Judson and Kumpaya Girgiba and Nancy Karnu Taylor

Tour 2 | Sun 26 Nov | 10am—12pm | Free

Trent Jansen (NSW) with Mangkaja Artists (WA): Illium Nargoodah, Rita Minga and Myarn Lawford

Curtis Taylor (WA) with Ishmael Marika from Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Arts Centre (NT)

Neil Aldum (WA) with Baluk Arts (VIC): Dominic Bramall-White, Gillian Garvie, Tallara Gray, Beverley Meldrum and Lisa Waup