Bon Scott exemplifies rock’n’roll. As the lead singer and co-lyricist of AC/DC (1974-80), he was also the quintessential Fremantle boy, growing up in the port town before cementing his name in rock. The Bon Scott Project is a multi-faceted program that celebrates and critiques the life and legacy of Bon Scott. He was a man who fearlessly rode the rock’n’roll Highway to Hell, using a mixture of High Voltage stage antics and T.N.T. charisma to blow the minds of fans all over the globe.

A group of Fremantle fans have recently unveiled a bronze statue dedicated to Bon. Feelings about the statue and where it should be erected reflect Bon’s diverse and impassioned following. Many fans feel there is a conflict between Bon’s status as an outsider and the selection of a bronze statue to commemorate him. The Project promises to stimulate as much debate about Bon himself as about the mythology surrounding him.

In a group show across Fremantle Arts Centre’s five galleries, 16 artists from a range of generations pay homage to one of Australia’s most revered larrikin figures, responding to the life and times of Bon Scott.

Curated by Jasmin Stephens


  • Stuart Bailey (NSW)
  • Guy Benfield (USA)
  • Adam Cullen (NSW)
  • Rebecca Dagnall (WA)
  • Cecilia Fogelberg (VIC)
  • Alex Gawronski (NSW)
  • Ian Haig (VIC)
  • Bevan Honey (WA)
  • Matthew Hunt (WA)
  • Lucas Ihlein (NSW)
  • Richard Lewer (VIC)
  • Michael Moran (NSW)
  • Ryan Nazzari (WA)
  • Vanila Netto (NSW)
  • Nat Paton (QLD)
  • Scott Redford (QLD)
  • Eli Smith (WA)
  • Martin Smith (QLD)
  • Tanja Visosevic (WA)

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