Fremantle 1988 assembles a group of artworks produced in the 1980s by senior WA artist Stuart Elliott. The works collectively attest to the artist’s oeuvre and unique making strategy dubbed ‘fakeology’, which applies to making museological hybrids; a blend of historical references and personal psychohistory coupled with an imaginative investigation of Western Australian material culture.

Join us for this artist talk to hear from Elliott about fabricating his own cultural shrines and totems. In doing so, Elliott fulfilled what he might see as a counterpoint to a state of ‘amnesic dissidence’ in WA.

Learn why his richly painted, playful and at times dark artefacts are set within museum-like containments, vitrines, cabinets and tables; and presented as ‘real’ objects.

About the artist

Stuart Elliott is an important senior WA artist, a respected lecturer and writer who has exhibited locally and internationally. He has been a recipient of numerous awards and grants, and has been commissioned to produce work in a range of public, private and corporate settings since 1985. His sculpture and painting is held in numerous public and private collections in Australia and overseas including AGWA, Bankwest, Janet Holmes à Court Collection, L&L Horn Collection, Kerry Stokes Collection, Trevor Eastman Collection, Sanyi Museum Taiwan, USST Shanghai China, Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University and University of WA.