All Mixed Up by John Prince Siddon and Janangoo by Butcher Cherel Janangoo showcase the works of two significant artists from Mangkaja Arts, a leading Aboriginal art centre based in Fitzroy Crossing (FX), an outback town in the Kimberley region in north west WA.

Although practicing across different decades Siddon and Janangoo are part of a long tradition of Kimberley artists who see truth telling and communicating their personal histories and contemporary reality as matters of urgency.

Join John Prince Siddon, All Mixed Up Curator Emilia Galatis and Janangoo Curator Lynley Nargoodah in a discussion about the processes of sharing cultural knowledge through art and the role of regional art centres in making and preserving history.


Emilia Galatis is an independent curator, art consultant, cultural producer and Indigenous arts development specialist from Australia. With over 10 years’ experience working across urban and remote areas, her consultancy seeks to strengthen, and support community-led contemporary artistic practice for artists and their arts organisations. Emilia is a current Churchill Fellow, developing international business opportunities and advocating for Indigenous contemporary arts inclusion in broader dialogues. In 2019, she was the co-curator of Desert River Sea for the Art Gallery of Western Australia. She is currently developing new International opportunities for Kimberley artists through a regional arts development strategy across the north-west of WA.

Lynley Nargoodah is a Nyikina/Walmajarri woman from Fitzroy Crossing. Lynley works as Special Projectors Coordinator with Mangkaja Arts, coordinating projects that celebrate the Mangkaja collection and connect this collection to major exhibition opportunities in institutions across Australia. Lynley was part of the Art Gallery of Western Australia’s Desert River Sea Visual Arts Leadership Program, curating a selection of works from the Mangkaja collection. She is an Arts Worker Extension Program (AWEP) graduate, a Wesfarmers Program (NMA) graduate, and has recently undertaken a qualification in conservation through Melbourne University’s Ian Potter Centre. Lynley is also a current board member for ANKAAA.

John Prince Siddon is a Walmajarri man based in Fitzroy Crossing in the West Kimberley region of Western Australia. His artworks combine diverse influences drawn from television, the traditional Kimberley craft of boab nut carving, desert iconography and the epic characters of the Narrangkarni (Dreamtime). Prince’s distinctive and maverick works offer an incisive commentary on his deep concern for the political and social issues of today, and on Western Australia’s dark and mostly undocumented history.

This event is in conjunction with Perth Festival exhibitions All Mixed Up and Janangoo.

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